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    With the upcoming releases of VS.NET 2005, and SQL-2005, has there been any indication of when the next EXAMS for MCP / MCSD / MCAD will be available ??

    I'm interested to know how many people have completed any of the Microsoft exams/certifications ?

    I've completed 2 VB-6 exams, and 2 C# exams - haven't got to MCSD yet (or MCAD).

    The company I'm working for thinks "they're not worth the paper they're printed on".

    I disagree - but understand that some people simply "learn the exam" - rather than learn the content.

    Same with Uni - learning content simply to pass exams - and finish assignments by short-cutting.

    I think I learnt MORE in my first year in a junior-programmer role, than 3 years at Uni...

    Similar with MCSD - can you learn it "on-the-job" ??  I think NOT - as there's some stuff in the study book that I'll never use (or will depend on client / project)...

    Currently reading about Serviced Components - and using .NET DLLs within COM+.

    And "Windows Services" - a bit tricky, I found !!