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    W3bbo wrote:
    The German mass-media are technology-orientated... there's at least 5 computer or gaming related TV shows on german TV thesedays...

    Here in the UK its "zilch", spare for "Thumb Bandits" on C4 at 11pm

    ..and even then its really poor.

    However, SkyOne did a gaming show too, but thats even worse... Part of the show has some guy dressed up similar to the Buddah and calls himself the "Games Guru"... yet does nothing but spout cheat-codes

    ...Its the people who watch TV shows like this that get wrapped up with aimbots and wallhacks for CounterStrike and spoil the experience for the rest of us...

    Then they come on Channel9 with the nick "hello_wtf" Wink

    Okay, sorry, I've digressed too much Smiley

    I know the feeling.  I played Medal of Honor - Allied Assault... (sorry in advance for the lack of being humble) I probable was in the top 5 to 10 percent players, as far as game skill goes.

    I ran into the cheats a few months into the game, hot and heavy.  That really dampened my enjoyment to say the least.  I can be very competitive (desk, sorry).

    Then I turn on TechTV (when it was TechTV anyway)... and there's a program about Cheating at games!  Ack!

    So, in the later half of 2003 I decided to put down my nostromo n50 gamepad (teary eyed, I'm ok now, sniff) and put my free time to good use (coding in various languages, for one).

    Ironically, I just received HL2 for x-mas and I have played it just one time, for about 11 minutes.

    Cheating stinks! (especially when those hacks are used Online, in multiplayer games)

    *steps off soapbox, takes deep breath.