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C# Last Week

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    The Developer Division Team

    Transparency seems to come in waves and travel from team to team over time.  Last week Shaykat did some good blogging about the current state of the C# PU.


    Today is review day so all progress is slow. Scottwil and C# managers have mandated today be used to do mid year reviews. While this is a hiccup in our drive to Whidbey Beta2, this stuff is important for the development of our team. And its just a hiccup. So from noon today, I'll probably just shut my door and work on my review too.

    Next week, our PM's and QA plan to go build some projects for an appweek. I'm looking forward to using the product to write cool stuff. Our long term idea is to turn these projects into samples for the community that we host on our dev center. I'm excited with some of the projects, and I'll probably blog about this more next week. (Read More)

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