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VP Says New Icon Sets With VS2005

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    The Developer Division Team

    "Visual Studio installs with a collection of bitmaps, cursors, icons, metafiles, and videos to assist developers with Windows and Web application development. The collection of image resources from various Microsoft products has accumulated over time, and we’ve heard clearly from our customers that the old outdated elements are essentially unusable and what they need is a library of updated, current images for use in their new applications!

    This is one of the top requests that we have heard from our customers via the MSDN Feedback Center.  Check out what customers have been asking at:

    To answer this need, we have defined and organized a new image resource collection to be shipped with Visual Studio 2005.  In Visual Studio 2005 Beta2, customers will see over 600 images in .bmp and .ico format, including the most common actions and elements found Windows, Office and Visual Studio UI.  In the RTM version, we will additionally extend the library to include web format (.gif) for our users who would appreciate a smaller size for their web applications. "

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    This is EXCELLENT news.  I understand that this was not a very hign priority but many customers expect applications to have the same look and feel as Office and we were not always able to deliver that because of the icons.  This is very good news! I will have a beer tonight to cheer the Developer Division Team. Thanks and...


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    Very, very welcomed update.  The old toolbar resource was stale, and it is real difficult stripping out icons from shell32.dll without getting either bad aliasing or bad transparency.  It'll also be nice to not have to read legal agreements for every toolbar button I want to reuse for the sake of UI consistency.

    BTW: Anyone have any idea of how much longer the 3.5" "Save" toolbar button will exist as the standard Save icon?  It's a shame that it only finally got the metal read sleeve oriented in the right direction, as I haven't even seen a 3.5 in over a year and haven't owned a drive in over 2, but it won't be too long before someone uses a UI and goes "So what is that weird blue thing on teh Save button?"

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    Someone did a good note there though that the web standard format is PNG not GIF. Look the channel 9 guy at the top left, it's PNG. (Yes there are few gif's too, but I think it is time .. no it was time around 5 years ago to forget the gif)

    PNG (Portable Network Graphics) was developed around 1995, became a W3C recommendation in 1996, and has been widely implemented in most Web browsers as soon as 1998.

    For the Web, PNG really has three main advantages over GIF:

    • alpha channels (variable transparency),
    • cross-platform gamma correction (control of image brightness) and color correction
    • two-dimensional interlacing (a method of progressive display).

    PNG also compresses better than GIF in almost every case (5% to 25% in typical cases).

    I believe you better include PNG or there will be more remarks after RTM Wink

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    Kevin Daly

    This is very welcome news.
    Better late than never.

    PS. We should now see a lot more Windows Forms applications that don't look like VB4 Smiley

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    Actually if you look at most major web sites they still use GIF's maybe in 5 years it will change but for now GIF is here to stay.

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    I have the latest CTP and I don't see any new graphics?  The common directory is still called Common7 not Common8.  Was this an omission from the February CTP of VS2005?

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    That what I waiting for
    And it should come since 2003 release.

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    It will be available in Beta 2. The thing that puts me down is that it will be 16x16 only. So, you can't have larger graphics. Oh well. Guess this is better than nothing.

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    you are right.
    several new feature bring new feeling to us.

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