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Windows Media Technologies and MSDN

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    What's up with the lack of support on MSDN for Windows Media Technologies?

    Aside from the fact that it's buried under "Audio and Video" on the "Products and Technologies" drop down menu, there have been very few technical articles published at all in the last nine months or so.

    I realize that Windows Media has it's own website where there are a fair number of technical articles about media production available, but there is a great deal to explore in the Windows Media SDK's and some articles about using them would be very valuable. For example, an article about using the server SDK to manage media broadcasting would be great.

    It seems to me that developments in Windows Media are one of the bigger success stories that Microsoft can point to that is happening now and not in 2006, why it gets so little coverage in and support by MSDN is beyond me. Maybe it's a structural thing.

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    You right in that something (not sure exactly what) just isn't "right" with Windows Media.

    As another data-point, the new WinForms "sound" control in Visual Studio 2005 does not support WMA files.

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