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Channel9 Source?

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    I was just wondering if anyone knew if the source code to Channel9, the fourms, and wiki are available?

    (okay, I know the forums are the "ASP.Net forums") but what about the whole user-management backend, etc...?


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    Beer28 wrote:
    There he goes again, shooting his mouth off without any fact-checking Smiley

    The forum code is indeed an early version of ASP.NET Forums, which has now been commercialized by its authors as "Community Server::Forums".

    But the wiki code is FlexWiki, which was (shock! horror!) open-sourced by its Microsoft author. Go contribute at

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    Our sources have significantly forked from the ASPNET Forums code base as well as the FlexWiki source. At some point, we will probably unfork and join the party, but that won't be for a while. Channel 9 is unique in that we've managed to combine various technologies in one application. Still, we forked and with shared source that's not necessarily the best approach, but we had to materialize our idea and we had to do it quickly.


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    Beer28 wrote:

    It's commercially licensed software

    BTW: I'm talking about the forums, NOT the wiki

    Community Server also offers a community liscense for free. The only requirement is that you display a eula.gif included with the package to indicate that it is the community liscense.

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