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View Thread: If Mozilla and IE didnt exist, what browser would you use?
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    mVPstar wrote:
    And not to mention, a vast array of browsers would be insecure since there would be no IE to learn from...or to constantly look at as the cause for mostly every security flaw.

    There's a difference with other browsers.  All browsers have their security flaws.   Right now Firefox has a serious one. The difference is that all browsers, other than IE, are NOT tied to the Operating System.  Therefore, to remove a threat, even for a short while, all you need to do is un-install that browser.  The same can't be said for IE.  Even though you can disable IE from use, it's still there and Windows Explorer uses that same engine.  Windows Explorer is virtually the same as IE.  ( MS, Step in here and correct me if this is not thecase )