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    My Hotmail account is also still 2 mb. I am waiting and waiting. I am not in the USA though so I guess it is natural to have to wait for the world-wide upgrate to finish. Do you have a schedule of upgrates and in which countries they are occuring? When are they going to be completed?
    However, on the Hotmail home page it says that accounts are now 250 mb. So, should I start worrying that mine is still only 2 mb? Shouldn't there have been a published schedule somewhere? What is taking them so long to upgrate anyway? I know that Hotmail has 200 million users but if other large services like Yahoo! can upgrate quickly so can Hotmail. Or, so should Hotmail.
    Overall, it seems to me that Hotmail staff is sleeping doing nothing to improve the service. I know that this might not be true but this is how it appears to us users. Many friends are already talking about Gmail and Yahoo. Some of them have already moved. I can't really understand why Hotmail sits still waiting for its users to start leaving and why it doesn't act to improve the user experience. I am not talking about inbox storage that is slow in increasing anyway, I am talking about other, perhaps small, but important e-mail improvements that other providers have already done.
    Hotmail needs a redesigned interface which is faster like Google. It should have better organizing and searching. An out of Office Assistant perhaps using the Calendar module to make decisions. Or, auto-forwarding or pop access, at least to paying customers. If Microsoft makes Outlook which is one of the best e-mail readers, I can't understand why it cannot make a better and more feature rich Hotmail service. I really don't understand how decisions on the Hotmail development groups are taken. Where are the killer features that will make people love the service again? Or, Microsoft does not care.
    The same goes with integration. MSN has so many services: Autoes, stocks, shopping, music, videos, tv listings, radio, groups, etc, etc. Why aren't they integrated in some way with Hotmail? At least having links on Hotmail. Or, at least why isn't the presence of all those services properly communicated to the public? They need more visibility. Their own domain perhaps.
    An example: Google launches Google video. It is beta. They don't shout this though. It allows you to search for video programs on tv. Much like the tv listing service of MSN. It has a simple and logical url It has an very simple interface like all Google search pages and like the Google home page. It just works. YOu type in a word, a program title, a person, anything it works. No overloaded pages with pictures and confusing links and no advertisements, except in the actual search results. No confusing extra buttons, advanced options, no sample or featured program titles, most popular staff, no clutter, , no etc. Guess what, people say that Google has innovated with their new video service, although it is really nothing new and nothing so different from what MSN TV Listings or Yahoo! have been offering for ages. And yet Google have made it simple and accessible. No buy tickets, DVDs, no extra questions and postal code entry boxes. Simple. Even Google help on that page is easily accessible. The Help link is always at the same place on every service and unlike MSN TV or MSN Music which have their help link at a different place than let's say Hotmail does. Well, finally unlike the complicated urls that MSN services have eg., Google has easy and logical urls. I have always made a spelling mistake when typing the url to visit the space of a friend on MSn Spaces.
    I believe that MSN needs a redesign and a simplification. It needs more integration of services and a much simpler home page. It needs clear explanations next to every link (service) and easy to locate help. Advertisements scattered everywhere confuse customers. I should be able to use at a glance, not have to learn it first. It should load fast. Every option on the web page should be self explanatory. This is how all MSN services should be. They should not use images instead of links and they should be accessible.
    Are these improvements and especially Hotmail improvements difficult to implement? I wonder. How does the Hotmail team plan?