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    Well, I'm not sure what the strange emotion was, but remember, it's not the end-all architecture of the world, it does work pretty well, it's really a mechanism to introduce folks into good generation techniques, and we do it in the evenings till 2 in the morning only to help others create better systems.

    What MyGeneration is not:
    MyGeneration is not a Framework.
    MyGeneration is not an Architecture.

    What MyGeneration is:
    1) MyGeneration is a Development Tool written in .NET, it can generate anything, PHP, HTML, stored procedures, CVS's, XML, Word Documents, ect ...

    2) MyGeneration reads meta-data from a DBMS system and combines with it with your User Defined Meta data to generate "things", like Business Entities or XML

    3) MyGeneration, although it comes with a free .NET architecture does so only to show what is possible

    4) MyGeneration, although it comes with lots of sample templates, does so again to show what is possible

    5) MyGeneration uses script, either VBScript, Jscript or even DotNetScript (C# or VB.NET) to generate "things", and it's full script, meaning you can instantiate COM objects via CreateObject(), expose your .NET objects to it via COM Interop and more, there nothing you cannot do.

    I am very greatfull that you refrained and managed to temper your response, thanx !!

    dOOdads is actually a pretty good little architecture if you take the time to investigate, it turns out to very close in API to Microsoft's Object Spaces only it's available now and for Access, SQL, and Oracle and takes just seconds to create.