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    mertsakarya wrote:
    Can an engineer be a good manager? As a manager I won't be using my main skills, I have to learn a different/new skill-set. Have I wasted my time all these years?
    Wish i had that amount of years under my beat to start reflecting Smiley

    I think Number One is the individual's career and life goals. Do you wish to be a businessman in the plumbing industry, or be an expert plumber? Those should present two different paths (how drastic, i dunno).

    Here in Singapore, I hardly meet programmers/developers who want to remain a hardcore developer forever. It has largely to do with the local culture where developers are not highly regarded and the only way up the chain to larger remunerations and hierarchy position is to management. That means leaving the "lowly" work of programming (construction) to younger blood. Money wins at the end of the day.

    In fact, of a different vein, i am trying to looking into ways to promote a change in mindset amongst local employers how they engage and employ developers to carry out project work. Would love to hear/read what advice can be had for this