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How often do you use the Microsoft's Enterprise Intranet Portal?

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    I'm currently reading a TechNet article on how Microsoft "dogfooded" Sharepoint Portal Server 2003 internally by deploying it as an internal intranet.

    From the article, it looks great!  I'm curious to hear from the inside, how often and how useful do you find this new Intranet?

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    Sharepoint..  isnt that the stuff my hosting provider charges MORE to use? - like enabling .Net?

    The whole portal in general - is not FREE correct?  You know like

    or many others...FREE

    please post a link next time?

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    As an individual site, of many on our corporate network, I spend some time on MSWeb, mainly searching other intranet sites or browsing round the corporate library. 

    I generally spend more time on our team and project sites.

    The Microsoft corporate network is quite an eye-opener for content management and distribution.  Pretty much every group, every team, every subproject, and quite a few individuals have portals of some fashion generally made using SPS.

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    I would kill to have a look around Microsoft's intranet.. like a kid in a candy store Big Smile

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    Yeah the corporate intranet is pretty incredible, hard to imagine working without it now.  More or less every office worldwide is connected.  (Though there are a few outposts that still RAS in)

    It has moved a long way ahead from everyone having mapped drive letters to files stashed on a few shares. 

    IIS was a huge turning point in delivery of project websites. 

    The Sharepoint/Office combination added to that by enablin authors to broadcast their publications without developer experience.  Add corporate webcrawling and suddenly the rest of Microsoft can find your project's current status, features etc. in a snap

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    I use sharepoint services several times a week, either to make information available to other people, or to find information. It's fabulous. There are still many usability improvements that I see a need for, and I'm sure they will come over time with future versions, but what we have right now is great.

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    Is there also something done on the design (e.q. enhanced navigation, adjusting css, etc.) or is it a plain sharepoint installation?

    And what is the use of MySite, is it popular place for personal storage?

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    Design changes vary between teams - many go with the fairly functional corporate templates out of the box.

    Other teams with broader budgets go for full-on redevelopment of the templates.

    Not sure how 'popular' MySite is - I use it and several of my team members do to, most often with Office.  I also use fileshares and my own IIS installations too - 'popular' is hard to qualify.

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