re- trust again..

i do have SOME nice things to say about MS in this regard that I maybe shouldnt have omitted:

- ms really has fought for the user - many times in the past

- ms really does have the best unified set of software out there

but Why does all the cool and good stuff seem to be in MS's past? "We are the **** Beatles of software!!" S. Balmer.

it just seems with the activation, licencing 6, making most of msn's cool stuff only if you pay, introducing and championing DRM NGSCB - while ignoring user revolution in p2p, too much spam, too much ads, helping media companies not customers, lawsuits..... etc etc

Above only to illustrate - thats how you appear to customers alot of the time.  the old MS was releasing stuff free daily ( Internet Tools Division) and talking to us, and being this is doing now.

so when google's "bad" list looks something like above - trust could be come an issue.

Your trying to get it back - theyve already got it.

sorry to be somewhat blunt.. im sure many will disagree.