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    jamie wrote:
    " Many believe Google's next step will be to use its unmatched processing and storage capacity to invite people to house things on Google's network that they normally keep on their computer desktops, such as documents, digital photos, spreadsheets and songs. 

    Just turn over full access to my files to Google and trust them not to peek? Hell no. Not to mention everyone that may be listening to the traffic to and from their servers. Eche*cough*lon...

    I guess privacy is a thing of the past.

    Not to say that there won't be a market for it. Everyone and their uncle has a Hotmail-account. So why not. The world is full of people who think email is a confidential form of communication.

    And online Office Suite. Well, the eternal battle between fat vs thin clients never end. They just invent new names. Anyone remember Sun NetPC and the Java Office Suite? Smiley