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    "Many believe Google's next step will be to use its unmatched processing and storage capacity to invite people to house things on Google's network that they normally keep on their computer desktops, such as documents, digital photos, spreadsheets and songs. All those files would be accessible from any Internet-connected device and easily searchable using the technology that made Google famous. That could mean trouble for Microsoft. The more you can do on the Internet, the less important your PC becomes. Gates has been worrying about the Internet making Windows less relevant since 1995.

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    I found this very interesting - although the article talks mainly about technology and servers - I believe it is the trust factor that is going to come more and more into play - as a serious contender for MS. I mean - how do you fight a company whos mission statement is "Do no evil" ? Especially if your reputation is of the biggest baddest conglomerate around.

    Simplicity and Friendliness are 2 "technologies" google has that MS just doesnt seem to get.

    If Google provided sometype of "Cutomise my google os" feature - I dont think Id have any need for windows.. except to run apps like photoshop/corel/frontpage.