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    I think we all know by now that what ever some other high profile company is doing - MS will be doing it too.

    This is a good thing.  The big slow MS steamroller slowly taking popular stuff - developed elsewhere ( except clear type) and "rolling it in".

    They dont really have a choice - i mean - MS cant just go out and say - Hey look - we changed the whole interface to windows with a central page that your apps interact with! ( it would break everything and some people wouldnt like it - although i would).

    No - they are stuck - taking what works and making it - for the most part - work better - or at least with more things.

    My point above was do i want to pay 120$ a year for 15 megs of spam ridden msn email? or nothing for a gig?

    Still waiting to see how ms and yahoo respond to that.

    Lastly - the perception factor - mentioned above: Google spent the last 5 years with ONE graphic on thier site - with the LEAST adds of any big company - with the best search and simplist interface.

    I think even apple - another company known for "friendliness- although high prices and closed technology - is also missing the boat here..

    people like google. they like the word.  how it looks and sounds.  It just won most valuable global brand btw.

    and it is for all these reasons.. i wish you luck - but how can you annouce:

    NEW! Longhorn is here!
    - Friendlier!
    - Only ONE graphic!
    - Faster than light
    - Now with COOLness
    - Includes TASTE!

    RE: above post - they WILL provide a simple google office that MOST people will love for its SIMPLICITY