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    Jaz wrote:

    I feel that you're living in the past.  i'm not sure how many people want this anymore.  I feel that it'd be less than 1% of computer buyers.

    I (naturally) don't think so, =) but its entirely possible.

    However, I can guarantee you that the principle is sound.


    Making the ridiculously complex ridiculously easy is our job as software developers. 


    The true question is, what do we, after removing all ‘techie’ sort of applications use our computers for?  What percentage of our non-development time do we spend on the internet?


    If we, as “guru’s” use a small percentage of available applications a large percentage of the time, how much more so the user who doesn’t know the definition of ‘web browser’?


    In any event, a move to make life simpler for our users is generally a good move. And will be widely welcomed.


    1)    Simple product encapsulates complex functionality

    2)      People buy product

    3)      People recommend product based on ease of use

       4) Profit!