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Google OS

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    the old are getting replaced by the younger remember.  the younger are having IT lessons, hell in the USA some schools are doing CISCO courses.  pretty soon the only people who won't have heard of a web browser or know what it does will be the poor of 3rd world nations)

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    jamie wrote:

    1)    Simple product encapsulates complex functionality

    2)      People get product free

    3)      People recommend product based on ease of use

       4) Company Profits through advertisers/partners!


    =) fine have it your way.


    You forgot to redden the 's' in Profits.(doh!)

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    jamie wrote:
    " Many believe Google's next step will be to use its unmatched processing and storage capacity to invite people to house things on Google's network that they normally keep on their computer desktops, such as documents, digital photos, spreadsheets and songs. 

    Just turn over full access to my files to Google and trust them not to peek? Hell no. Not to mention everyone that may be listening to the traffic to and from their servers. Eche*cough*lon...

    I guess privacy is a thing of the past.

    Not to say that there won't be a market for it. Everyone and their uncle has a Hotmail-account. So why not. The world is full of people who think email is a confidential form of communication.

    And online Office Suite. Well, the eternal battle between fat vs thin clients never end. They just invent new names. Anyone remember Sun NetPC and the Java Office Suite? Smiley


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    re- trust again..

    i do have SOME nice things to say about MS in this regard that I maybe shouldnt have omitted:

    - ms really has fought for the user - many times in the past

    - ms really does have the best unified set of software out there

    but Why does all the cool and good stuff seem to be in MS's past? "We are the **** Beatles of software!!" S. Balmer.

    it just seems with the activation, licencing 6, making most of msn's cool stuff only if you pay, introducing and championing DRM NGSCB - while ignoring user revolution in p2p, too much spam, too much ads, helping media companies not customers, lawsuits..... etc etc

    Above only to illustrate - thats how you appear to customers alot of the time.  the old MS was releasing stuff free daily ( Internet Tools Division) and talking to us, and being this is doing now.

    so when google's "bad" list looks something like above - trust could be come an issue.

    Your trying to get it back - theyve already got it.

    sorry to be somewhat blunt.. im sure many will disagree.

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    I know Microsoft has filed lawsuits against some of the worst spammers out there. That has to go on the list of good things.


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    you know there are many good things.

    it just seems all the press is bad stuff all day in day out..when it comes to ms

    your getting more publicity on the negative aspects.. and even the good stuff - are written with a negative angle..most of time

    thats a topic for another post "Media MS Bias?"

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    The Internet is "free"?
    Not the last time my broadband bill came in the mail...

    ut I fall into the camp where, I'd rather pay for NOT having commericals, which is why the G-mail proposition is so scary. Why in the name of all that is 1' & 0's would I want ads in my personal e-mail?

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    Internet bill = 40$ per month canadian

    cable bill= 40$ per month canadian

    so i ask - how much is left for msnTV ( 21 a month??) MSN Extra Storage(10 a month?)

    David Spade voice: "your model is flawed, look into it"

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    Jamie, now this is a good post.
    I think your "fake" post was bad because the fake was at the top. Which ruined it.

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