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Any luck with "EDIT" 3 week error yet??

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    Every post - every edit..  "Script error box..invalid character..etc.

    This has been going on for .. a week?

    Am i doing something wrong?  ie6/sp2/xppro

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    Joe Average

    I don't have this error on Firefox 0.8/SP2/XP PRO. I do have the same error when using IE6/SP2/XP PRO...

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    Firefox works for me too (on 2000 SP4).
    Interesting considering MSDN and IE6 are both Microsoft. I'm surprised the rich-text feature works.

    Firefox is a lot better at handling JavaScript errors, i.e. they never appear. That does not mean you don't get errors: you can see then if you open the JavaScript console (link only works on Mozilla based browsers).

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    well - question then SBC..

    i have "Always show error messages turned on" - for developing webpages..

    so does Firefox still error ( in the console) = same thing

    I love the site - but man oh man .. a site by microsoft with a script error on every post or edit.. thats like a betty crocker cake with little rocks in it!

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    I get no JavaScript errors in the console window. Debugging is easier in Firefox as the errors are all listed and if you double-click it jumps to the line causing the error in the source code (unlike IE, which often seems to get the line number wrong). It is also interactive as well.

    The DOM inspector is also very useful.

    I once remember reading somewhere that someone debugged their javascript in Mozilla - yet their site didn't work properly in Mozilla. Quite strange that.

    I wonder what the cause of the error in IE is? Doesn't Windows Script Debugger know?

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    3 weeks now

    please please ( on knees)

    fix the post / edit error - it is not only maddening but looks so dopey on MS ( script errors are the taboo of webdevs - our nemesis! - and this site of developers - made by microsoft - HAS ONE!

    * i dont no want to turn off "show all script errors" in IE

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    SP2 RC2 fixed this - thank you

    just to clarify though

    what ever this was - it came with SP2 RC1 - i had errors for 2-3 months on channel nine - ever reply - every Back button click - every post..

    the errors are now gone apon loading rc2

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