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    So... many out there seem to "hate" Microsoft in one way or another.

    Microsoft is the bad and ugly monopolyst in SW business. If it were not for Microsoft, many more companies could sell their software. Microsoft ruins our careers, while we can't produce "..." (put-your-piece-of-windows-itnergated-or-other-MS-product-like-in). Bill Gates must be bad, because he's rich. He's rich only because he steals from the poor.

    So I watch some videos here on channel9. To know the "hell of sw business" from inside! Only it does not look like hell. And so I think to my self...

    Sure, Bill Gates is rich. Microsoft is the biggest. But is it the bad and ugly? I think Microsoft is fair. It's fair towards its customers, developers, owners, the society.

    I'd say Bill Gates is the most modest richest man ever. He owns so many $ I can't even imagine. But does he spend it for himself? (ok, sure, some of it). No. Instead, he built this amazing company. He invested in real estate and technology needed for SW development. But (and here I'm finally getting to my point Smiley) all those assets mean nothing without people. The developers (and all other, of course). So, Bill Gates invested in developers. He gave them (you) the toys to play with. To create new top-of-the top SW. To boldly go where no developer has ever gone before.

    Now compare this to all the "free software" s**t.
    (I'm not gonna go into free as in freedom vs free as in beer stuff, but interesting enough, most (all??) "free software" IS free as in beer.)
    FS is based on work of thousands of developers world-wide getting nothing for what they do! Not even free Coke, not to speek about sallary. FS is the most exploiting establishment ever. And it IS going to ruin our careers, while noone is going to buy software anymore.

    Just something to think about


    would be interesting to post on /. to compare feedback Smiley)