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View Thread: Channel9 built on Slashdot technology
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    Mike Dimmick

    <slash:comments> is part of an RSS module which indicates how many comments there are. It's become pretty standard to use this in RSS feeds.

    See RDF Site Summary 1.0 Modules: Slash.

    It's not actually necessary for the namespace prefix to be slash. You can use any valid XML namespace name - say, foo - as long as you specify xmlns:foo="". Some aggregators may not understand if you do, though - it depends how well the implementer understood XML Namespaces.
    C9 also supports the Comment API, at least for the feed for the first message in a thread. It's not supported for the individual post feeds at the moment.

    In browsing through the feeds I realised that C9 actually does associate posts with a parent. It just doesn't present a fully threaded view (e.g.'s forums).