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    I had been to a couple of events where Developmentor guys would work as regular (power) users and do admin thingies via Run As ... on a command shell or some other application.  I thought, wow, I have to upgrade to XP and be able to do that! 

    So I did.  But I can't figure out why I don't get Run As ... options.  I end up having to set the Run With Different Credentials on the Properties for programs, and then that makes me do too much work.  First to set it up, secondly to go through the dialog that comes up every time I want to run that particular program.  (Sometimes I don't want to run as Administrator).  I will still go through all of that, because it is easier than switching to my admin account. 

    I like that kind of advice, I like keeping as much as possible locked-down and opening up only where necessary.  I would like the system better if it made such safe habits easier and more natural.