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The (OSS) Empire Strikes Back!

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    I was just "surfing" the internet when I came across a suprising site. Please note this post is for those of you who want Linux to take down Microsoft. People who like Microsoft can read this too.

    Linux is now fighting back the overwhelming Microsoft force by looking for other strange and different ways to have a computer or turn something into a computer eg. a toaster. No they have not turned a toaster into a computer that was just an example.

    What they have turned into a computer is the enemy of the Xbox the PS2. Yes thats right you can now get linux for the PS2. Thats if your not satisfied with Linux on the computer. The kit costs AUD $299      (US $199). And in the kit you get:

    -Network Adapter (Ethernet) [10/100 Base-T]: SCPH-10350E
    -40 Gb Internal Hard Disk Drive  (for PlayStation2): SCPH-20401E
    -Monitor Cable Adaptor (for PlayStation®2) (with audio connectors): SCPH-10320E
    -DVD discs (2), containing Linux installation and run time discs  
    -USB keyboard: SCPH-10240E
    -USB mouse: SCPH-10230E
    -Technical documentation and software manual

    So if you want to become a PS2/ Linus developer this is the best way to go about it. There is a community at where there is approx 16,500 members.
    Does this mean we will soon get Windows on Xbox?

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    Loadsgood wrote:
    Does this mean we will soon get Windows on Xbox?

    Or XBox on Windows??? Longhorn anyone?

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    gotta admit - im not too much into games - except quake ( long since bored of that too) waiting on doom 3


    if xbox would stop lillyfooting around and just TELL ME why they would like to own my living room -in my house - im all ears,

    hopefully the relevant functionality - services - will be free - then ill buy the box


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    For a little more cash you can get a computer that actually is a computer.  I am sure there are less expensive examples but here's one:

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    What relevent functionality would you like to see free?  If you like quke you'll probably love Halo

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    It was Sony that brought this development kit on the market, not some group of Linux freaks as you would suspect.
    It's not meant for Linux addicts, it's only useable if you want to program games on it. Nothing more.
    You also need a monitor that can sync-on-green, which 90% of the monitors on the market can't.

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