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So, this is what Google has been up to

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    The story here. OK, OK, so it's actually a retrospective from the year 2014, but it's still fun to imagine.

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    minh - that is the coolest thing ive ever seen posted - thankyou!

    i even hate "watching" stuff on the net - but it was VERY interesting

    where is MS's view of this stuff?  - no - not the sales guys corporate mission stuff - same thing just like this - that honestly shows the ms agenda - as C9 does - in a fair light?

    again minh - thanks for this post
    i love when people just think way out like that..
    to - tally -cool.

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    Beer28 wrote:
    oh, i see, it ends in 2014, no pengiuns at all. Sad

    thanks for the link.

    um - the microsoft logo fades away - and if google and amazon go together - it wont be on MS servers

    its Beer day!

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    Yeah, I guess it's inevitable that the same consolidation other industries would go through would happen to the information management segment. I recently listened to a podcast titled "Interface: Jaron Lanier debates Will Wright" and Lanier joked that (paraphrasing) naming a compsci university building after Bill Gates is like naming a hospital wing after Typhoid Mary. This is the perception (rightly or wrongly) of academia out there, I think. And that "retrospective" reflects that. But I doubt if MS would remain on the sideline.

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    GoogleZon. Do me a favour!

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    That was great, made me think of how media will change in the future. I cant imagine seeing Microsoft sit on any sideline, theyd be in there and by the New York Times or some other huge news agency like reuters.

    I liked the EPIC reflection, anyone else notice the 'PI' was reflected with pi?

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    2015:  Bocephus Turl-Hurdler, a socially retarded, self professed Script-Kiddie figures out how to insert 'trivia spam' into the process, thereby ruining it for everyone.

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    this reads like a wired magazine article
    god i hate these techno-revolutionaries who come up with these grand theories of how their software idea will change the world
    a lot of the assumptions are always naive

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    I think a personalised news service is unneccessary. The majority of people will only want to read from one source, and will read the news headlines, local, and sports. A personalised google news bot will find the same news stories for its user as it does for 190 million other people.

    For the *small* percentage of people who read blogs, I guess it could be useful, but I'm not sure how different it would be from an rss feed app.

    Oh, and when I heard "googlezon" the story lost all credibility!

    This reeks of a first year media studies university project - complete with technological ignorance ("algorithm..."), star-gazing, and a complete lack of perspective for anything outside the author's extremely narrow focus.

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    Heh, Google itself was kind of lucky that its name stuck.  I remember being slightly embarassed to tell people in management to 'Google' somthing.  It kind of sounded like I was 'speaking leet' to be cool. 

    That said, people have be caught saying even dumber things with a straight face. 

    Case in point, it used to be, you could 'finger' someone to check our their status.  The cuteness factor wore off pretty quick.

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