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    Rocky Moore

    jamie wrote:
    i cant beliwve anyone would use this over IE (unless on linux)

    Well, after several times of spending hours removing spyware from my wife's computer, I moved her to FireFox.  After a few days, I decided to use it as my default browser just to see how it would work out.  I am still using it was my default browser and have not had any spyware on my wife's machine nor my box.

    One main selling points to me is the extentions.  There are many extentions available, but my favorites are the web development extentions and the FoxyLady extention.  The later works great when my eyes are tired after working all day and there is a lot of reading to do, I simply highlight the text and hti the smiley face on the FireFox status bar to have it read to me.  Handy!

    I have run into the problem you have listed, but this not a problem with FireFox but with the extention.  Some are not as reliable as others, but the ones I use I have no problem with and the update works great.

    Often I would run into a problem with missing plug-ins and I think this is a problem that should be addressed in FireFox.  It would be better if it reported to you more information about the missing plug-in instead of just saying it is missing and failing to load it.  Not a big issue for me, but it has hindered my browing a couple of times which I can easily right click on the page and switch it to IE Wink

    Unless MS improves IE and some of these wonderful plug-ins come to light, I will probably be with FireFox until it becomes GBrowser Wink