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Longhorn 64 Bit?

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    Tyler Brown

    I've been reading quite a few blogs, starting from way back in 2004 so that I can get up to date without jumping right into the middle of it all, but so far nothing has been mentioned about Longhorn supporting 64 bit. As far as I am aware, using the new 64 bit processors with support from a 64 bit OS will increase performance (atleast thats what I am assuming, to tell you the truth I haven't done any reasearch on this whatsoever).

    So the question, will Longhorn support 64 bit processors, or the upcoming multi-die processors, without requiring an update/alternative version of Longhorn?

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    Well, 64-bit Longhorn will be a different set of binaries than 32-bit Longhorn, so in that sense they'll be different - probably ship in different boxes, etc; although I'm sure that type of decision hasn't been locked down yet.

    Multi-die processors are a different story - if your die has two 32-bit processors on it, it should run 32-bit Longhorn just fine.

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    Yup Smiley   LH has "feature partiy" between the 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Part of the standard build process is building for 64-bit.   Larry Osterman recently mentioed "quality gates".  Building for 64-bits is one of them.

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    I hope they release it at the same time !

    64 is the new 32

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