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College and Microsoft

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    I've experienced a bunch of different attitudes towards college degrees so far.  Some companies won’t even look at you unless you have one, and others don’t care at all – most however sit somewhere in the middle.


    I’m curious how many people at MSFT, and the channel 9 community in general, hold degrees in a technical field (comp sci, engineering, math, etc.)  What about advanced degrees?

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    I have a PhD in biophysics. My first boss at Microsoft dropped out of college after a couple of semesters. It really doesn't matter. It may help you get noticed by recruiters, but once you are into the interview process and certainly once you are a Microsoft employee, the degree itself doesn't matter.

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    I'm not a MSFT employee and I don't have a degree. I've never really come across any problems getting work because I don't have a degree. Employers are more interested in what I know and how I apply it.

    Then again, I'm unemployed right now Perplexed

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    I dont have any degree but got lots of work.. I am freelancer and got my own company.. and as well, I am getting work from quite good companies.. so dont think so degrees really count.. if you know enough... Bill Gates - college dropper... and many are there.. Steve Jobs - I think he is also college dropper.. but not sure.

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    I do not have a degree. It all depends on the person. Some need school and some don't. I grew up with an entire family of techies in the 70's and 80's, so I lucked out.

    If I went to school, I would take something to fall back on... like Acting. Smiley Honestly I won't sit in a room knowing more than my professor and at this stage I have nothing to gain by going to college (as I have been told by University of Pheonix).

    I am the Director of Development for a medical company.

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    Good question. I'm a junior in high school now, and have had two internships (no official jobs yet). Both places really said that a degree didn't matter too much. It's nice to have, but they're not gonna hire or not hire just based on a college degree.

    Either way, I'll definitely end up getting a degree, most likely in Business/CIS. Something like 85% or more of graduates of my school go to college, so it's practically I know I can use the experience. I'm currently looking at either OSU (Ohio State Univ.) or Cincinnati. Still have around a year to decide though.

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    I have a degree but it's in Political Science, not a technical field. I got into using PC's in the early 80's when I was doing statistical analysis at a state government agency and moved into the computer field soon afterward. Not having a technical degree has hurt me at some companies, most notably ones where a technical degree from a particular local university were considered the price of admission to work there.

    Other companies I've worked for have required a college degree to get past the HR gatekeepers but sly people got around this several ways, usually by knowing somebody.  

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    No degree and I have a job doing what I like.  FOr me its been all about persoanl drive and the ability to learn from reading and doing.  Although it may be hard to get that initial job/experience without a degree.  I feel pretty lucky with how things have worked out for me.

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    themaffeo wrote:
    I’m curious how many people at MSFT, and the channel 9 community in general, hold degrees in a technical field (comp sci, engineering, math, etc.)  What about advanced degrees?

    I have a B.S. degree in Systems Engineering (SW Option) from the University of Arizona (Go Cats!). With only a few exceptions I've used very little of what I learned in my classes in college during the last 14 years at MS. Many of the people I work with at MS, whom I respect greatly for both their technical and personal leadership didn't go to or didn't finish college.

    That said, I'd never recommend to anyone that they skip college. I was far better prepared to deal with people because of my college experience (even being part of the SAE frat was helpful in this regard). Go to college, do well enough that you can feel you got your money's worth, party, play, and interact with a lot of people. Then use that experience (not knowlege) to move on to the next phase of your life.


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