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    themaffeo wrote:
    I’m curious how many people at MSFT, and the channel 9 community in general, hold degrees in a technical field (comp sci, engineering, math, etc.)  What about advanced degrees?

    I have a B.S. degree in Systems Engineering (SW Option) from the University of Arizona (Go Cats!). With only a few exceptions I've used very little of what I learned in my classes in college during the last 14 years at MS. Many of the people I work with at MS, whom I respect greatly for both their technical and personal leadership didn't go to or didn't finish college.

    That said, I'd never recommend to anyone that they skip college. I was far better prepared to deal with people because of my college experience (even being part of the SAE frat was helpful in this regard). Go to college, do well enough that you can feel you got your money's worth, party, play, and interact with a lot of people. Then use that experience (not knowlege) to move on to the next phase of your life.