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.NET Training suggestions

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    Dennis Grinberg

    I’ve been leading small teams of developers on various software projects for the last several years. Currently I am the Director of Development for a company with a large install base of a product that is written in C++. Unfortunately, the amount of time I spend actually coding, designing and architecting has dramatically decreased over the years and amount of time I spend managing, planning and “selling” development to corporate has more than filled the space left.


    We are at the beginning stages of building the next generation of our product and our current plans are for targeting Microsoft platforms and building a smart client based product with C#/.NET.  In addition to my duties of managing development on our current product, I will be heading up the new product efforts.


    The new product team will start out small, and I will be the only technical resource available to that team for some time. As such, I believe that I need some serious immersion into .NET, from enterprise-level architectural issues to low-level best coding practices in order to lead the team to the best technical choices down the road. I read all the trade journals, browse/read lots of .NET related weblogs and websites, view online seminars and read selections of .NET-related books when I have the time. What is missing is the hands-on, “hardcore” use of .NET that will not only get me up to speed, but will let me guide my future product team down the correct path.


    There are literally thousands of .NET related courses out there. Do you have any recommendations for any serious/intense courses and/or a training path that will let me quickly come up to speed?

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    The place I would rank really high is DevelopMentor the stuff they showed was real world application of parts and gives you a pretty in depth look at what you are studying (I took the Essential ASP.NET Cource in Torrance).

    All I can say is that it is excelent content and instructors. My collegue has tried Learning Tree, but did not like it as much cause the "cooperative" environment they used slowed down his learning some.

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    Avoid Training Camp....

    ~ Knute

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    Migrating to the .NET Framework (video)

    Attending a presentation can sometimes be the most effective, most memorable way to learn. Included here is a complete program, running just under an hour, that David Chappell recorded in mid-2002 on migrating to .NET.

     Watch the Lecture

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