A while ago, I mentioned the webcomic entitled "OK/Cancel" on the PlanetCnC forums... there it was said to be the most niche'd webcomic in existence.

So I was wondering if we could answer to them by producing a Channel9 or MSDN-related webcomic?

Oh, imagine the humour and jokes we can make about "Object not set to an instance" or "Parity" errors and exceptions?

Hmmm, got one now:

A byte walks into a bar and sits down, the bar-tender goes up to him and ask's him "what's up?", the byte replies: "Parity error", so the tender responds: "yeah, I thought you looked a bit off"


Oh, we're not limited to just 2D 'shopped art here... I'm thinking of starting a CounterStrike-Source Machinema series, so we could use the Source engine along with the cs_office map as it has pretty detailed computers in it

...Plus they blow up quite nicely when you shoot 'em Smiley