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View Thread: Known Issues with Channel 9
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    I could point out so many usability issues with this site, starting from the HTML and working my way through to the interface used.

    To be honest, the problem that irks me the most is that this site doesn't maintain any kind of consistant width.  Sometimes it fits fine at 1024x768, and sometimes it looks like it's better suited to 1600x1200.  You should work on having some consistancy in this area.  While rich text editing is cool, allowing users to paste MASSIVE TEXT is fairly useless.  There is also the bug  where if you drag a HTML selection in to the textbox (like this) Generic Forum Image that things could rapidly get out of hand. Even though, it is a cool photo of bill, the fact that I could resize it to massive proportions is another flaw that should be looked at.  (note: i don't know if the image will actually come through in the post, at the time of writing, i was able to drag it in.  guess we'll know in a minute!)

    There is also no preview button for posts, there really should be.

    Anyhow, hope my 2 cents makes it to someone who will take it seriously.