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4 years... still no page views for users

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    no way to gauge input STILL

    promised MANY times

    "we need to look in to that" etc

    Feedback loops are not just for corps - but for users

    Seeing your post has 200 views and 1 reply is important

    Still waiting


    * it's like UP and LIST - you need to bring it BACK

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    @jamie: I'm not sure why views would be important? The coffeehouse is about conversation, and the metric for how successful a post is should be how active the conversation is.

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    9 years ago - you could post here - and some posts would get 3000 views - but no replies - so you new it was being read / causing some sort of effect

    now you post - nothing .... maybe a reply   .. if you are lucky


    was better before


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    @jamie: Being read isn't the same as being interesting. For all you know, a page view could be because somebody clicked into the thread, went "meh" and left.

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    we are assuming here that people who posted a lot - or did things to earn them - at least a rep of - not a moron - would get read

    so its not like someone joins in a day


    we all posted what we thought to be true - many of the people still here - (ha almost ALL of them) will remember

    im just saying it was a good gage for US ... but I guess ms hated seeing 3000 staff reading something we wrote (get legal involved!!)  too bad.


    we used to "fly the plane"

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    Dr Herbie

    @jamie: Well that's just typical -- you wait ages for a jamie post and then 3 come at once! Big Smile

    I don't really care for view counts -- it ends up like cheevos with people getting competitive.

    Perhaps if you only got views on threads you hadn't started it would be less competitive?


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    I much prefer C9 fix their broken WP8 IE forum support. Sure, statistically not many people have WP8, let along niner using a WP8, let along niner using a WP8 to post a reply. But, something is broken is still broken, just because the probability is low doesn't mean it shouldn't be fixed.

    Leaving WM on 5/2018 if no apps, no dedicated billboards where I drive, no Store name.
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