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View Thread: 40 dollar Bing? wtf!!!!!
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    , magicalclick wrote

    I just got an email saying if I want to use Bing Search API, I need to spend 40 dollars per month minimum once they switched it to Azure. I mean, seriously? Really? I haven't use Search in my site, but, I sure won't use it in the future knowing I have to pay.

    Microsoft as a business are there to make money, and as much of it as possible. Traditional ecosystems where, ISV's and Microsoft Partners could build profitable businesses, are set to change because Microsoft have adopted the Apple model of doing things.

    Your typical musician for example, detests iTunes for the amount of money they make for each sale of their music, and this is the way Microsoft are aiming to change the nature of the relationships with their main customers. That is why no-one is saying anything from the Borg.

    Either put up with their charges, or shut-up.


    PS. Writing/Posting/Speaking in the Third Person.