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C9 suggestion

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    Maybe it would be a good idea to add an extended 'What is this' section to this site (homepage?) for completely new visitors who don't directly understand it. Lots of sites have such a 'New visitor? Click here!' message. It could contain, for example:

    - The introduction text that's on the homepage's left bar right now
    - Some links to important forum topics ( and are must-reads)
    - What's New list
    - Link to the FAQ

    On a sidenote, I just saw that the site is already 3 weeks old today. Time flies when you're having fun Smiley


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    Sounds good. Sadly, I'm still not sure what Wiki is. Sounds like it's a blog where you can edit the look and feel... am I off? Tried to follow the links, but I basically get, Wiki is Wiki...

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