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View Thread: IE 7 will stand alone!
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    ngb wrote:
    why do so many people want tabs? isnt that what the taskbar is? why do we want two taskbars?

    I'm on Firefox, and I've currently got five tabs open in here, and another 5 windows open in the taskbar.  Quite frankly, given the number of different windows I open and close for web browsing, I'd rather not crowd the taskbar.  (Yes, I'm aware I can set the taskbar to consolidate like icons together, but I don't like how that works.)

    You know what I want from the taskbar?  I'd like to be able to rearrange items in it so that they were in the order I like.

    I look forward to seeing what IE7 will have, but it's going to have to wow me pretty good to make me give up Firefox now.