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How would you like to celebrate C9's 1 Year B-day?

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    OK, I think a main thing with C9 is the videos. Another is communication. I remember my last day at Vertigo Software, when they had to close down the Cincinnati office. We had a live web cast at the office. The theme was "A Mexican Beach." We brought in many Coronas. Had the radio on playing reggae the whole day, broadcasting to the San Francisco office. Had a message board up where the SF folks could drop by & leave messages (mostly positive Smiley ). It was fun. Not that it's an ending for C9, of course.

    Idea 1)
    So, what if you guys set up a live webcast of  your office or something.

    Idea 2)
    You setup a hosting place & members can upload video messages (w/ moderation of couse) (I think this's been mentioned before)

    Idea 3)
    You give members w/ ID from 0 - 6975 (why 6975? Oh, just an arbitrary number) some money. Anything would help.

    EDIT: Damn. Don't know my own ID number.

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    Great ideas guys but what about some lovin' for us people who don't live in the U.S.A.? Unless the Channel9 team can make the sun shine everywhere for one whole day (Therefore making it the same time everywhere) I think that some ideas will have to be shot down. I'd love a 9Guy giveaway especially since I haven't recieved mine and I sent my postcard in October of last year! I'll complain to Scoble soon enough. As well as the bug emails I send to Charles actually getting to him.

    I'm going to help celebrate Channel9's birthday by giving away every single Gmail invite I have (50 in total!) on April 5th AEST (which means the eve of Channel9's birthday for you Americans). How about sending out prizes to the first 3000 (non-Microsoftian) people to have joined up to C9 (WooHoo that includes me! Smiley) Plus I want a hacker to grafiti the index page of C9 with Happy Birthday (what you expect all birthdays to be good? Big Smile ) As well as An Executive's (Microsoft that is) office to be filled with Channel9 guys - That means to the top... With the executive in it! (Just kidding Smiley or am I?...) Of course that will have to be video'd.

    I'm back people! [scary music here],

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    How about another coding contest?

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    TimP wrote:
    How about another coding contest?

    Sounds fun!

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    iStation wrote:
    TimP wrote:How about another coding contest?

    Sounds fun!

    With a Tablet PC for the prize ... Wink

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    Aayush Puri

    pikatung wrote:
    Interview with the Bill!

    +1 for interview with Bill Gates @ Channel 9

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    Aayush Puri

    MSDN subscriptions to some random Channel 9 members ?? Ahh...and to people whose name starts with a "AA" Smiley

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    Shows us something about what the longhorn UI team is doing, not everything, but something. A tour for instance. Hum... confidencial... I sign a NDA! Wait... I already did!

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    With the word 'Visual' everywhere and given that C9 has taken to making mini-movies...

    How about an 'Oscar' party; sit down buffet, glad rags and all free in the favourite on-campus restaurant. Book it all to customer Good-Will. He may even turn up.
    Put up a voting list under the differing categories and get a Celeb to give out the prizes - recorded by the C9 camera team of course.

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    eagle wrote:

    Let’s roast a penguin! 

    That brightened up my day before it even began Wink

    Free stuff for all? Wink

    More puzzles! Charles - you promised more but they never arrived Wink

    Post the FULL matrix spoof video from that MS conference a couple of years back.

    Coding competition idea is cool.

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    • A GIANT 9-guy (filled with air) on the roof of the building where Bill Gates' office is. This should give Channel 9 some promotion around the Ms campus;
    • Members who are here for 6 months or longer get signed up for exclusive beta's (like Longhorn);
    • Programming contest with Tablet PC's as prize (using beta 2);
    • More cool research videos;
    • Giveaway of carton MS-heroes

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    Charles wrote:
    If we were to ever get Bill, it would not be a canned speech type of thing. Remember, this is Channel 9...

    Yeh, what you need is to get is PA to book the time but not tell him you're coming so when you walk in the door with a video camera he looks as freaked out as everyone else you barge in on! It'll be interesting if you have to explain to him what Channel 9 is Smiley

    On the Pail Allen thing, I've read that he's kindof reclusive and doesn't do interviews. There's a bit about him in this Inc magazine article about Burt Rutan's Spaceship One.

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    Perhaps I need to clear this up: XBOX LIVE PARTY.

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    Interview with Dave Cutler and a tour of his team (Windows Base team?)

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    1) Trivia contest pertaining to Channel 9 and its content

    2) Scavenger hunt (ie where is the 9 guy in his first out of office experience?)

    3) Another Coding contest

    4) Essay contest (for those unfortunate non-programmers out there)  like "Why Channel9 is the best thing since sliced bread" or "How channel9 has helped me the most"

    5) Name that "geek".   Put pictures of people from different videos on a page and have people figure out who they are.

    Of course, decent prizes for each.

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    The idea of the coding contest would be really fun.

    It's sad that we can't come together on one place and eat some cake...

    How to invite the C9-most-poster to Redmond?

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    NeoTOM wrote:
    Perhaps I need to clear this up: XBOX LIVE PARTY.

    Great idea, but have you been to the Wiki?

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    i'd be interested in an interview with 'the ballmer' !  Smiley

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