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MSN Messenger, MS Office Spell-Checker?

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  • Manip

    This request goes out to the MSN Messenger team. I would like to see an integration of MS Office's Spell-Checker in MSN Messenger please. I am not suggesting you give away the spell checker or anything even remotely like that, but if you could possibly integrate it like you have in outlook express that would be most helpful.

    Not Convinced?
    Although MSN Messenger is a rapid message exchange tool, hitting some key (F7 ?) and checking you haven't made some horrible typo's wouldn't slow people down too much. And, it wouldn't be too time consuming adding this feature (I don't think) because the component already exists.. you just need to check it exists and make calls to it. Possibly even nab some code from Outlook Express in that respect.

    Already Exists!
    Although there are some MSN Messenger spell checkers around, they either don't integrate well into the application and or don't use Office's wonderful spellchecker as their back end so are not very effective.

  • jj5

    Why stop at an IM client?

    I'd like to see spell checking built in to all text boxes in Windows, right there on the context menu with 'Cut', 'Copy' and 'Paste'. I'm surprised we don't have this feature already.

    I'd also like it if I could get IE to write a log file with all post data before it sends it to the server so that:

    1) It's easy for me to see what is actually being sent
    2) If the server fails I don't lose my work
    3) I have a record of the data that I have given to any given web site.


  • RobChartier

    Got Trillian?

    Support for most/all IM clients.

    Support for plugins.

    Support for spell checking (via the plugin)

    I dumped MSN a long time ago.


  • Shawn

    Great idea!  I just want to add that I hope the spell checker works with Windows Messenger too.  I don't care much for MSN Messenger; Windows Messenger has a much cleaner interface.

  • jj5

    RobChartier wrote:
    I dumped MSN a long time ago.

    I use Miranda.


  • sjsmith

    How about having some of those nice red squigly lines under badly spelled words just like Office and MSN Mail?

  • SMac

    Would be great if it was integrated into MSN Messenger... as it stands there's a couple of plugins you can get which does just this..

  • AdamKinney

    It will be integrated into the operating system soon.  The textboxes in Longhorn have spellcheck built-in.  Here's a link to a blog entry showing it off:

  • Manip

    Well I guess I'll have to wait till Longhorn then.  :-/

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