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View Thread: Integration of VSS with VS.NET
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    First off let me say, I really like VS.NET and C#. I am getting 'real' work done with .NET and my team and I are happy on many levels.

    But we are frequently frustrated with the integration of VSS. For example, try creating a class library in one project, and a web app in another project, and get them working in a solution and getting it all checked into source safe (without it creating .root and _1 named VSS projects which you don't want or need) and then adding a new developer to your team.

    Or try renaming a project in VSS and checking it back in (and spending hours trying to figure out the crypting binding error messages and warnings)

    Or try connecting to work thru VPN and suffering the slowness of VSS over the net.

    Am I making my point? If not, email me offline and I'll give you more examples...

    Will we ever see version control technology from MS that's based on a 'real' server and with real-world distributed teams? Or is it sort of a second-class citizen there in Redmond and we need to keep looking at things like SourceOffsite, or entirely different products, or should we just be content with VSS and suffer the sometimes frustrating integration with the dev tools we use.

    What do Microsoft developers use day-to-day for version control? What do they use if the work from home?

    -Bruce Shankle