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View Thread: Best Way to avoid SPAM?
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    1. Never, ever post your email in online forums, newsgroups, etc. Ever.
    2. Get yourself a good news aggregator. NewsGator is worth much more than the modest $29 that they are asking for it.
    3. Whenever you make a post, whether it be here or to some NNTP newsgroup, you can watch for replies from within NewsGator. Since each forum thread has its own RSS feed, any replies you might hope to get will come directly to you without you handing your email address over to spammers. NewsGator's NNTP support doesn't have thread-based RSS feeds, but it pulls down all new posts when you ask it to so that you can check for replies. And since it integrates into Outlook 2003, you can sort by conversation to find your replies in a threaded view.