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Visual Studio Whidbey Preview March 2004

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    I´m testing a little bit with the Whidbey preview. First, I must say: "Good job Microsoft !" because the Visual Studio is very stable for an alpha version ! I love the Generics, Anonymous methods, partial classes and all the C# language addons. It´s now possible to have a public get accessor (property) and an internal set accessor.

    Now my question: I´m playing a little bit with ADO .NET (mdac9). I want to test the MARS feature. I´ve read in an Addison Wesley book (A first look at...) that I must use "use mdac9=true" in the connection string. But I get an error that this keyword is unknown. What is to do to use MARS feature in this preview version ?

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    You should post this on techoff they might be able to help.

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