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View Thread: Bill Gates interviewed by Peter Jennings on ABC World News Tonight
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    MisterDonut wrote:

    Question here: If you not paying for license fees, and thus not paying back the $$$ involved in the research of these drugs, who can afford to research even better drugs once the existing ones become ineffective?

    What if the open source model turned out to be more cost-effective in medical research? Arguing about the TCO of computer systems is one thing, arguing about the TCO of human lives requires more serious thought.

    Also, even if the drugs that save lives were stolen, isn't it worth it? Somehow I feel creepy about the argument that if x number of people don't receive treatment on "stolen" drugs, there will be a better future for y number of people who will benefit from the incentives given to the pharmaceutical industry.

    Even if it was true, I don't think such equations are appropriate.