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    Sven Groot

    SlackmasterK said:
    Ray7 said:
    Depends on how you measure 'faster'.  I'm sure Vista could win in certain benchmarks; for example, did 98 even have multi-core support?

    I've noticed some bloggers who have tried Vista since SP1 came out and changed their minds.  I got into the SP1 beta (Likely due to being invited to the original Longhorn/Vista beta).

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    I wrote a series of posts on the subject, and went through much turmoil and internal dispute before finally making it my primary OS - Despite having gotten a free license via the Longhorn Beta program (Thanks whoever invited me; I couldn't find the invite thread).

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    I think people are finally starting to realize that (With SP1 applied) Vista is a solid OS.  It's the most aesthetically appealing OS I've ever seen, and my network file transfers are faster than ever before (Having reinstalled my File & Printer Sharing).
    Sorry dude, but the UI of your site is horrible.