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The Apple App Store

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    Well it's open, active and threatening to sweep away everything that came before it.

    The list of apps is an impressive start, and once folk have started getting their teeth into the API, Apple will have created yet another market for a product that folk had no idea they needed.

    You  can tell so much about an IT community by the apps that are created for it. And what we know about iPhone users is that they like to eat out ... ALOT.  I counted about six programs for working out restaurant tips and dividing the bill.  Although iPhone users appear to have more money than sense, it appears they're also the sort of people who won't just 'split the bill' so everyone can get out of the restaurant and hit the club before the queue starts building up ... no, they want to work out who had what and dick about with a calculator because Tarquin and Isabel only had two glasses of wine and no starter, because they're both thinking about starting a detox regime tomorrow ... and why should they pay for Derek's six bottles of Cobra and that very expensive Madras Ring Burner he ordered and couldn't eat? The big wuss.

    And of course, Apple's code vetting engine is only there to make sure that folk don't submit dodgy code, which says nothing about the quality or usefulness of the application.


    More at Engadget, who believe that if it ain't Apple related, then you don't need to know ...

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