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PDC08 & Mesh & ...

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    Here are some amayzing thing I thing should happen at PDC thsi year ! (I know I shouldn't get my hopes up)

    • Launch V1 of Live Mesh
    • Launch V1 of Live Mesh API
    • Launch new versions of Live Writer , Live Mail who already connect to the mesh to keep all you RSS-feeds and other data sync (this would be huge !! )
    • Launch IE8 with a plugin so you can sync your bookmarks and login data over the Mesh
    • Finally Launch Windows Live Messenger 9.0 (hope it's before that)
    • Launch SilverLight 2.0
    • Release B├Ęta 1 of Windows 7
    Am I being to enthusiastic ? What are you waiting for ?

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    I think PDC is not so much about launching products but instead provides a look into the future for developers. I hope that there will be some news and releases before PDC. It would be boring the next couple of months if all of Microsoft goes completely silent until October.

    Btw, ScottGu is very silent at the moment. I guess he's on vacation, cause it's very unusual for him to not post anything on his blog for more than a month.

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