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    if the sensor is at the front of the mouse on that arc mouse i suppose it would make a bit more accurate I've always disliked the optic sensor being in the middle of mouse body directly under your palm... just the way you move the mouse and select its far more natural having the sensor nearer the fingers than under your palm, if its nearer the finger tips you get more control and cover more distance in arcing your hand left-right that in itself makes things better.

    other than that though it looks to be sh\t.. its not exactly look comfortably shaped around the sides and even the arc height looks to bit a too high but its hard to judge just looking at pictures.. I wonder how many times it will get broken.

    what about this new 'revamped' sh/t brick of mouse, it was featured just above the arc mouse news posting on the same site:

    fking pathetic init!

    'MS 3.0' was the last decent mouse MS ever made ergonomically and in function tbh.. and even that paled in comparison to the Logitech G5 imo