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Windows + Power7

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    I just read a /. article about Power7 CPU ( ).

    Windows NT used to support PowerPC chips.
    I just want to discuss a bit about why Windows doesn't support PowerPC architecture anymore.

    Are there any advantages using PowerPC over X86 architecture?
    I have found some articles discussing about differences between RISC and CISC.

    Can some CPU and architecture guru explain/shed some lights on it please?
    If possible, I want to know if Microsoft's Research is working on something related with the PowerPC architecture for the Windows Supercomputing.


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    It wasn't just the PowerPC, there was the DEC Alpha as well.

    However given that hardware manufacturers can't even manage to write 64 bit drivers (including MS themselves sometimes) can you imagine the mess of a whole different architecture? That's a big plus for *nix and BSD, compile your own.

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    Sven Groot

    I think MS dropped Alpha support in NT simply because of the declining popularity of the CPU.

    That said, I think I probably still have some CDs hidden in a drawer somewhere with Windows 2000 beta 3 for the Alpha (which was, if memory serves, the last build of Windows 2000 to support it).

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