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To normalise or not to normalise?

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    Jeff Atwood has an article that appears to promote denomalisation. I agree with him about the joins, but would you ever want to be associated with building a table with denomalised parameters as suggested?
    SQL Compact is very limited with regard to correlated queries or stored procedures, so denormalised tables are de rigueur. Recently I elected SQL Express over Compact because although the reduced imprint is great, if you want to scale the application, you have to re-write the database tables and data access layer and business logic etc. In SQL Express it's a very simple upgrade.

    Are you courageous?

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    Maddus Mattus


    It's always a balance between performance and usability. I currently have a similar scenario I am working on. It involves setting percentages of molecules present in an alloy. I could go for the super duper normalized view and create a property bag in SQL or just place all the values they use in the table directly. I went for the latter, because it's more usable for me.

    And the bit of SQL Express, I dont want to bother the end customer with a complete database program install. Any service installed on any machine is a risk. Even Microsoft doesnt install SQL Express for it's products that use a database (for example; Windows Media Player (Compact Edition) or XP Media Center (SQLite)).

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