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What would you ask the Tablet PC team?

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    The Channel 9 Team

    Channel9 will be over meeting with the Tablet PC team tomorrow afternoon. What would you like us to ask them?

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    What do you see as the greatest challenges to greater market acceptance of the Tablet PC?

    How can the Tablet PC user community help?

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    Several people have started informal Tablet PC Users' groups.

    Is there a formal mechanism for registering these initiatives?

    Does Microsoft have anything to contribute to support this?

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    As a Microsoft platform developer for over 10 years, I would like to congratulate your team on the finest 1.0 product release I’ve seen yet! Not only does the hardware and software work beautifully, but the Tablet PC SDK is powerful and simple. I have yet to work with the new 1.7 SDK, but I did have some negative experiences working with the SDK in developing my product.

    A bit about my product – we have developed a Tablet PC Healthcare Solution Framework called Nucleus™. Unlike other XP-compatible applications, we designed Nucleus from the ground up to run exclusively on the Tablet PC. Nucleus is written in 100% managed C# with custom Ink controls, and a user interaction model designed specifically for the Tablet PC.  Nothing was ported or utilized non-Tablet PC optimized modules.

    I am interested to learn about Microsoft’s efforts to start a quality/certification program for Tablet PC applications, with Tablet PC 2004 on the horizon. How can my product be reviewed and considered for an early review program? I recently began an Empower ISV program application, but was informed this program is unavailable until April 26.

    I want to help you make Tablet PC the platform of choice in the Healthcare industry.  As many organizations move off their old VMS and AIX systems, I truly believe that products like mine will revolutionize the healthcare industry.  Do you know anyone within Microsoft who can provide sales and marketing assistance or contacts to help not only increase the exposure of my products and solutions, but also to evangelize the Tablet PC platform in the Healthcare community?

    How can my Tablet PC Healthcare Solution Framework get more exposure with Microsoft Healthcare Solutions providers?

    Congratulations and Best Regards,

    Mark A. Richman

    President & CEO

    Empire Software, Inc.

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    That sounds like an excellent use of the Wikis here. I'd help publicize a "Tablet PC User Group" directory.

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    VGA output is upside down in Secondary Landscape Mode

    In my M200 (and several other machines including the Motions, HP, Panasonic etc.) when you switch to secondary landscape mode, the output to the vga port is upside down.

    This is understandable, but very difficult to work with when you are doing a presentation and switching from primary landscape (for keyboarding) and secondary landscape (for inking annotations, creating diagrams)

    Is there a workaround or a solution coming from Microsoft?

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    Synchronizing Data

    Tablet PCs are truly personal PCs. I carry at least one of mine with me everywhere.

    Will there be native support in Windows to support synchronizing data files? (especially Outlook *.pst files).

    Offline folders does not seem to support *.pst and *.mdb files

    Is there something I can do now? (not looking to buy a third party solution)

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    I wish the Tablets were more known outside the US, so that I'd know what all the fuss is about. No computer store here has even heard of Tablet PCs, let alone sell them (I think it's the same in the rest of Europe). Any idea why the thing isn't actively promoted in the rest of the world?

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    Mirror Desktop on Networked Computer

    Application: Presentations
    Rationale: Use Tablet PC wirelessly and display on a projector or on participants' PCs

    I can do this now by running RealVNC server on my Tablet PC and RealVNC viewer on another computer that is attached to a projector.

    You can see the motion as I draw things on the Tablet.
    Can "broadcast" to multiple browser based clients.

    Slow and occasionally the viewer screen corrupts

    The question: Is there a Microsoft solution?

    Things that I have tried:

    Remote Desktop
    - no mirroring

    MSN Messenger
    - application sharing, works but is clumsy and slow

    - same as above (same dll?)

    OneNote Service Pack 1 Preview - Sharing
    - very nice but works only in OneNote
    - no "motion"

    Remote Assistance:
    - Requires sending an email/receiving it on a machine to which I don't have access in advance
    - a lot of screen real estate devoted to the "Assistance" part of the interface.

    Various Hardware solutions:
    - wireless projector technology - does not convey motion (sketching and annotations). These seem to update when mouse/pen motion stops but not in real time

    - fine for PowerPoint, but when the movement is the message, too much gets lost.
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    Thanks Scobleizer.

    A lot of that activity is going on at

    We could keep it there.

    I guess I was looking for some indication of interest / support from the Microsoft Tablet PC team.

    Really thanks


    "That sounds like an excellent use of the Wikis here. I'd help publicize a "Tablet PC User Group" directory."

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    The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation brings innovations in health and learning to the global community. (

    I wonder what Bill Gates would think about developing an Open Source Electronic Medical Record (EMR) that would benefit virtually every physician, healthcare giver and patient on the planet earth?

    The side benefits of using an MS OS and TPC are axiomatic and secondary.

    Chris M. Wilkerson, D.C.
    Carson Doctors Group

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    I've got a couple of good ones.

    Everyone I've seen using a Tablet PC most often uses them in the "laptop" configuration. (I'm not sure what the exact term for it is, but it's when the screen is flipped up and the KB is visible.). What differentiates the TabletPC from a lightweight laptop? (Besides the pen interface that's the easy answer).

    What types of users are most suited to Tablet PCs? For instance I'm a developer with a desktop machine. Does it make sense for me to have a TabletPC? What about a scientist or a healthcare provider?

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    Please come to the UK please, it is a really nice country, and the people are nice too.

    I'd like to see a university tour of the Tablet promoting to University Staff and to University Students.

    Is anyone working on the Inkblog anymore?  that was a cool initative.  How about adding Ink replys to channel 9?

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    Can I have a free tablet PC??

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    Where's the master plan to take the wraps off of this puppy called the Tablet PC?

    Why is it still so non-publicized to the masses?

    Does MS think it is not ready for primetime or too difficult for the "average" user to handle?

    Do they think the concept is so difficult to convey that they must rely on the "geek" concept to push it out of the womb?  As good as they may try, expect 3 to 5 years for that power source to generate any sort of demand, be it small at that.

    How long must it take to get this child prodigy the recognition it deserves?  Afraid the OS is still too timid to handle what an "average" user might throw at it?

    Where is the juice that cranks the engine?  Where's the dynamo?  Are you really just in phase two of the prototype stage and still trying to find the true cause and effect?  Still trying to find the right wind?

    Why do the hardware manufacturers seem to be confused on what the market is, not to mention what that market wants?  If they are not careful, without market outreach, the pot may evaporate once all the initial first adopters have their funds spent and the spending cycle gets broken.  But the hardware manufacturers seem to have relied on the source of the process for their direction.  Oh, that's right it was MS!

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    Shining Arcanine

    It is late but a few reasons why I don't have a tablet off the top of my head are:

    -No smart display functionality, I'd like it to double as a Smart Display

    -Dell doesn't make them.

    One thing that would be nice would be a 3D LCoS display on the Tablet PCs, that should boost battery life increasing productivity while enabling true 3D.

    This might be more hardware oriented but I'm sure that software support is needed (native drivers and intergraded software is always nice) and someone will need to persuade Dell...

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    miies wrote:
    I wish the Tablets were more known outside the US, so that I'd know what all the fuss is about. No computer store here has even heard of Tablet PCs, let alone sell them (I think it's the same in the rest of Europe). Any idea why the thing isn't actively promoted in the rest of the world?

    I have a Tabled PC and lives in Sweden. I really like it, but over here this is just a "cool geek thing". The biggest problem is that I can't use my native language for hand writing. This is a serious problem. The best I can do right now is to use the german hand recognition, but then I miss one character.

    In Sweden this product will not be a generell success before I can write in swedish. And the last thing I heard about it was that it will be included in the Longhorn time frame. I have to wait two more years!

    And I think it is the same problem in other countries.

    What is your comment on this?


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    As a slate tablet user, I am constantly trying to reduce my dependence on the keyboard.  The two ways are by using the pen and voice recognition.  Which input method do you expect to get the most improvement?  Are there any other methods being considered (touch screen, eye movement, etc.)?

    Just curious how I might be communicating with my computer/phone/TV down the road...

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