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    qwert231 wrote:
    Can I get a tablet PC that fits in one hand, so I can write with the other. Bigger than a PDA, but small enough so that I don't have to sit down and put it on my lap to write?

    Many of the slates and convertibles can easily be held in one hand when writing with the other.  I often use mine when standing.  It rests on my wrist with my hand holding the edge.  Some have cases with straps on the back that make it even easier to use with one hand.

    I wouldn't want to have to do this with the 14" models, but the 10 and 12" work well.  The weight ranges from 2.2 lbs (NEC) to 3.4 for the larger models.

    I know this isn't the place to advertise, but there's a comparison chart of all available Tablet PCs on my website with specs, including weights at