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What would you ask the Tablet PC team?

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    Driven by thought alone - that would be interesting, not going to happen any time soon. May happen in the future though.

    Keyboard still seems to be the fastest method of writing text to the computer though. Voice recognition is still in early stages and probably will never replace the keyboard - just think of all the times that someone dictates and then goes back to make correction, how will a computer be able to know that? After all computers are not intelligent, they follow a set of instructions and are not capable of rational thought. Also you can't really use voice recognition in a busy office - too much background noise.

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    Voice recognition will only be an alternative to data entry by hand when it supports sub-vocalisation. Think of what the background noise in a big open-plan office will be with 20 idiots trying to use Dragon Dictate or something!

    Do we have anyone from the "wreck a nice beach" team here? Is sub-vocalization support planned? Considered?

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    I would say, "Thanks for SP1! That new TIP is amazing... makes ink recognition almost as fast and easy as leaving my ink unrecognized! Don't let anything delay its release!!!"

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    With companies like Agilix and xThink providing innovative programs with students in mind, what are Micosoft's plans to push tablets in the educational market. Our program of 160+ units in one location has been extremely successful and I hope to see developers all along the chain recognize the benefit of getting these units into the hands of students.

    The powertoy concept has been great for getting people to see the versatlity of the tablet. When are the new submissions going to be released (from the Jan. contest).

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    Dag wrote:

    In Sweden this product will not be a generell success before I can write in swedish. And the last thing I heard about it was that it will be included in the Longhorn time frame. I have to wait two more years!

    I agree with Dag. It would be great if we could get a solution sooner!


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    scobleizer wrote:
    That sounds like an excellent use of the Wikis here. I'd help publicize a "Tablet PC User Group" directory.

    I like the idea on having it centralized with Microsoft.  No reason that the other sites can't include it or post to it, but MS would definitely be the place it should be set up.

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    A broad tablet software design question:

    I view the Tablet PC as initially being of interest in two areas:  mobility, which encompasses the form-filling type apps that are often mentioned; and "smart paper," which encompasses apps that "speak" a particular problem domain--be it mathematics, engineering schematics, etc.--and understand the meaning of the symbols written and help ease the creation of such documents.

    In the "smart paper" genre of apps, what are the most important design concerns or idioms relative to inking and interaction with the user?  A simple example:  it took me a while, but I did eventually realize that one need not convert the user's ink to formalized symbols and pretty type to make a good app--at least not immediately and depending on the app maybe never.


    Curt - Seattle

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    Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 it is now. Smiley Name changed from 2004.

    Some questions many in the Community have...

    1. People are very enthusiastic about the Tablet PC once they see and experience it, what are some things you are working on to make that happen in greater numbers?
    2. I see that Arin has a blog. Will we see other Tablet PC team bloggers soon?
    3. Will Tablet PC 2005 be aggressively marketed? What all planned for the Retail Relaunch?
    4. Any plans for externally visible Tablet PC Evangelists?
    5. Will we see things like Fan Fests, Tablet Experience Tours aimed at non-developers?
    6. Will there be more mention of Tablet PC Events and Happenings? Such as the College-Bookstore Tour, Mobility Road Show and etc. Seems little to no promotion of Tablet events.
    7. What are some ways ISVs can better promote their products?
    8. Why still only a Developer and Vertical market focus? Why a reduced-focus on End Users, Corporates and other markets such as Education?
    9. What types of product niches are still needed to help make the product grow?
    10. How will you (or do you) persuade people to develop for the platform given the low adoption rates?
    11. What the growth rate is expected for this year?
    12. What are some further ideas for Ink in the browser-space?
    13. How will the Tablet PC tie-in with other products - Office, Project, CRM and etc. And per MS Reader, any future development planned there?
    14. What makes a good Tablet PC application? What is all needed?

    Tablet PC News:

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    The new release is actually SP2.  SP1 is already included in that Tablet PC OS. 

    The new Tablet Input Panel will be a part of Windows XP Service Pack 2.  Full name change is now Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005.

    I agree, it's a great improvement!

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    Not that you haven't heard this from me previously, Smiley but ...

    With the popularity of Media Center PCs, can we expect to see a Tablet PC with Media Center capabilities?

    If so, is there any time frame?

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    I havent fond any computer shop selling Tablet PC here in India, so could you guide me for this? can I directly buy from the online shops of US, and avail all the warranties? and can u give me any shop name of company name who sells Tablet PC in India, Mumbai?

    one more thing.. is there any timeframe for Tablet PC to include Indian Language support in user interface and as well for handwriting recognition? user interface is done for Windows XP, so I think that will run on Tablet PC, but handwriting recognition? any timeframe for Indian Languages? Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, main languages for me to know.

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    digitaldoc wrote:

    I wonder what Bill Gates would think about developing an Open Source Electronic Medical Record (EMR) that would benefit virtually every physician, healthcare giver and patient on the planet earth?

    There is a similar project going on already, it's not an EMR but it's pretty close:

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    Questions have been posed.

    Will there be answers?

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    Just got back from meeting with the Tablet PC team. They see a bunch of challenges that they are working on. One, in retail, getting your hands on one is really tough. They have designed a new retail stand that you'll soon see in Best Buys and other stores. This stand will let you bring your friends in and get them to try out the Tablet PC.

    Other challenges? Price. Lower-cost Tablet PCs are coming.

    Other challenges? Community engagement. They promise to blog more, and they are reading all the comments here. Peter Loforte, head of the Tablet PC team, reads a ton of blogs and sites like (and we went over all the questions here).

    How can you help? Tell you friends. Seriously. That does help. Why? If you tell two friends and they tell two friends and then they each tell two friends, and so on and so on, sooner or later the numbers get pretty dramatic.

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    WNewquay: synchronizing files is something we're working on across the company. Have you tried the new OUtlook 2003 yet?

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    WNewquay: good feature request. The team is working with OEM's to design more presentation-friendly hardware.

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    >Any idea why the thing isn't actively promoted in the rest of the world?

    They are working on recognizers for Spain and Italy, the team told me. You'll see more marketing around the world too. Oh, and Channel9's signal goes everywhere on the Internet.

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    1) New retail stand, Channel9 demos coming soon, and tons of other stuff.
    2) More blogs coming soon, Peter Loforte and others promised.
    3) They are planning a lot of stuff around Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005. It's a major new release for Tablet PCs. I got a demo today and everyone's very proud of the new stuff for Tablet owners.
    4) Yes.
    5) Yes.
    6) Yes.
    7) Start a blog and get Scoble to link to it. Smiley
    8) The focus is changing big time. Watch for results.
    9) Tablet is on a fantastic growth curve already. Just need to get it in people's hands.
    10) That's a tough question. Same as for Longhorn. At some point developers need to make a bet on the platform. Same thing happened with Windows, right? Those on the sidelines are no longer here.
    11) They don't talk publicly about that, sorry, but it's growing very quickly. Oh, and the team is hiring, so that tells you something (particularly developers and testers).
    12) We got that one on video.
    13) More interoperation with other apps is coming, the 2005 software greatly increases the quality of experience. We have Peter on tape, for instance, giving a demo of the Outlook Contact experience. Much nicer.
    14) Look at what ArtRage has done. Really great use of pen-based interfaces. But that's a complicated question since not every app will be like ArtRage. There's a new SDK coming. More to come on that.

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