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The New Apple Walled Garden

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    Interesting opinion piece by Nik Cubrilovic. He asks why open source advocates are so willing to turn a  blind eye to Apple's increasingly restrictive policies.

    Easy one there Nik.


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    Nik's taking a lot of flak on his blog for his criticism, but he summed up the point I was making when I posted the article. It's not a question of whether or not Apple is doing something wrong (they are within the terms of the BSD license).

    Nik Cubrilovic said:

    - they don’t have to at all, and im fine with that, they can do what they want. Lets just not kid ourselves about what they are doing and supporting them over better vendors.

    People commenting here who dont agree with me will probably bash microsoft in some other thread tomorrow somewhere for not being open enough.

    There is a very very bad bias towards Apple and against other companies, and I am calling bullshit on it - because thats what it is

    Well said ...

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